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God Is Watching You is a fictional book based on true story.

A Christian school in a small town is proud of his valuable teachings; it is a pretty enjoyable religious environment for study. But there is no room for insubordination, and the disciplinary rules have no tolerance. 

Four middle school students, three boys and one girl, all classmates are willing to show their love and kindness to the homeless people in the town. They decided to give them few oranges and mangoes every week picked from their school garden, but this is prohibited. 

So they have to defeat the rules of the school and face few challenging situations that require skills, determination, and many games plays. Their choice put them in an impasse, a kind of a bottleneck that remains a dilemma after a posted notices “fight” with their school authorities. What to do? 

The assistance of the reader is needed at the end of the book to help the young four classmates make their final and definitive decision. The book comes to its end but not to the end of the story. A dead end?  Not at all. An innovation in writing? No doubt.

This is an original book that every reader has to take to its real end. How can the reader give an advice? The book invites the reader to write and share his opinion and become also a writer. Why not?

The author wants to trigger discussions among children, young adults, and adults as well about sharing, love, kindness, giving, discipline, friendship, leadership, action, defeat, courage, fear, respect, audacity, safety, care, judgments, and much more. 

The uniqueness of this book is to be the missing piece of the puzzle that will bring the diversity needed to enhance the success of the children’s books production. 

He will no doubt add that unknown flavor of a foreign culture that will enhance the taste of our literary production of the country.

This book is intended to be for children and young adults, but it turns surprisingly to be very suitable for all ages. Moreover it is an interesting useful and helpful language book for English or French readers and learners. 

January 30
Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Christian Faith Publishing