God Works (Enhanced Version) God Works (Enhanced Version)

God Works (Enhanced Version‪)‬

Why God Is Nothing You'd Expect and Everything You'll Need

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So here we are faced with a paradox. It turns out people generally believe in a Higher Power, or God, and that belief is based on very real feelings and experiences that typically cannot be scientifically proved or disproved. Further, when science does get involved, what we now know conclusively is that people who do have an active and deep relationship to "something greater" (also known as God) are happier, healthier, live longer, and cope better. God, it turns out, is good for you - like vitamins and exercise and laughter and friendship and love. We don't understand any of these things fully, but they make a difference. So, in short, God works. God as a reality, as a belief, and as a way of being the world, works!

This book is intended to help restore the conversation about God, to affirm people's beliefs in something greater, to provide some insight on a more universal and functional understanding of God, and help people overcome the God stigma. After all, if you think about it for any length of time, I think most of us become aware that "God" is just a word for something that defies words. God is just a reference point. In the Eastern traditions they might have called it a "finger pointing at the moon," meaning it's just an indicator of something too awesome to really totally understand or label.

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October 9
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Greg Voisen ,

God Works

If you really would like to explore your relationship to a Higher Power, and understand the benefits associated with your beliefs or lack thereof then you need to read God Works. Author Jonathan Ellerby in this engaging, immersive video enhanced book explain the myth behind the " God Stigma". I highly recommend the book, and the video supporting the book is awesome.

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