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The God book is designed for those who are seeking to know more about God, and increase their faith in Jesus Christ. It features Christian foundational topics, God's Promises from His Word, and a Daily Discovering God Devotional. This book helps you to have a deeper intimacy with God, and was designed for many uses, such as being used as a devotional, for Bible study, for sermon preparation, for discipleship training, for preaching and teaching, for prayer, and for sharing The Gospel Of Jesus Christ with others. Topics include Faith, Salvation, The Holy Spirit, Healing, Deliverance, and many more.

Religion & Spirituality
August 12
Robert Woeger
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Jstheauthor ,

Truly one-in-a-million and SPIRITUALLY REJUVENATING!!!

What a great book! I have not stumbled upon anything quite like it before, and my library is filled with tons of devotional, faith-based books. It is truly one-in-a-million, and spiritually rejuvenating! For those who are just opening their hearts to God, it is extremely easy to follow and understand. It will make an awesome guide for those beginning their journey, or searching for an in-depth comprehension of Christianity. For those who have long ago started their journey, it will help establish a more intimate relationship with God by reiterating core principals, and through relevant devotionals. Speaking of which, the devotionals was what I enjoyed the most! Although, I really enjoyed the overall clear, concise tone of this book too. For me, the devotional part was the most useful. I highly recommend this to anyone who is seeking to know more about God, it is a useful tool that you will find yourself using regularly. I know I have!!!