Goddess of Forgetfulness Goddess of Forgetfulness
Book 4 - Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. Series

Goddess of Forgetfulness

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Publisher Description

From New York Times Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Book 4, The Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. Series



The Goddess of Forgetfulness has spent seventy thousand years wishing for a man to remember her for more than five seconds. But when her wish is finally granted, she’s appalled. Távas is cocky, handsome, and seven feet of rude muscled man. He can’t possibly be her mate! But all signs are pointing to yes. Okay, at least a strong maybe.

Is this some sort of cosmic dating error? She darn well hopes so.

Determined to discover the truth, she agrees to one date. Just one! But the night is about to reveal that his real identity is crazier and more alluring than she ever imagined.

January 26
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Customer Reviews

RomanceNovelGiveaways ,

This series is SO FUN

This series is SO FUN!!!

I totally get Mimi's sense of humor. A Little sassy, a little vulgar, but absolutely perfect. I love how she weaves not only that humor, but also the element of suspense throughout the story. After all, Forgetty's time is running out!

I'll admit that I wasn't sure if I would like Távas at first. He came across as being kinda over-the-top mean to Forgetty, but, as you can imagine, it all worked out in the end :)

I'm happy that I got to catch up with characters from the previous book in the series, and I can't wait for more books in the series!!!

(I received a copy of this book in consideration of an honest review)

Couldn’t put it down! ,

I Heart DJ Whatsherface!

I Heart DJ Whatsherface!

I’m sorry what was I saying?

The universe is confused, the good guys are going bad and the bad guys are playing nice? With each passing moment, every unmated immortal comes one step closer to flipping sides. That’s never a good thing, but if the Goddess of Forgetfulness flips everyone forgets how to everything, down to the most basic of things like how to wipe their butts. Ewww! Needless to say global mass amnesia is a very, very bad thing it’s important to know what is food and where to find water.

Forgetty has spent 70, 000 years being barely remembered by her brethren and forgotten by everyone else. She doesn’t even have a real name. It’s not ideal but she gets by spinning mixes for the masses that flock to hear the best DJ they can’t remember. Brought only by the distant memories of the feelings she evokes in them. Finally, a man can remember her for more than five minutes and she will give anything to be able to make him forget her. He’s rude, he’s sexy, and he can’t possibly be her mate, or can he?

Mimi’s extremely flawed yet ever relatable gods return in full force with the latest installment of the Immortal Matchmakers Series. I was laughing from the very first page, and it’s not often that a writer has the ability to captivate a reader on the warning page. Nothing is ever as it seems with these characters and Mimi is still the queen of the “I didn’t see that coming”. It’s hard to find fault in these books other than I read them too fast and am dying to know what happens next.

Is there a cliffhanger, well yes and no. The main characters find their resolution, however everyone else is fair game for Mimi’s best friend cliffy.

Cali Jewel ,

Laugh out loud exciting adventure!

Why can't I give more than five stars... in all honesty this is the first book that has made me ask that. I loved this adventure from beginning to the not so end end. This is not just your average emotional roller-coaster, it is the most epic twisty, climbing, plummeting and thrilling one ever made (in my humble opinion)

Gotta love this Goddess, she is sweet, funny and so heartbreaking. No one ever remembers her but her brother Acan the God of Wine yet even he is forgetting her now. She is so dismayed by who the universe says is her mate it is crazy fun and sad all at the same time. Távas is cocky, handsome, and so not what I expected and yet also what I have come to expect from this wild and crazy lovable world. We also get more of Zac and Tula in this one and a awesomesauce twist of a peek from another of Mimi's brilliant series (loved the cross over). Can't wait for more!

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