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“Are you ready for new kinds of relationships? Ones that don’t involve pushing and pulling, controlling and bullying, or tugging and fighting?”

In Goddesses Don’t Do Drama (part of The Goddess Guides to Being A Woman self-help series), International Bestselling Author Ava Miles shines a giant spotlight on soul-sucking relationship patterns. 

We hear about drama queens all the time. Perhaps we know them or even are one. Being around this toxicity isn’t our only problem as goddess women. We’re expending a ton of energy trying to manage or avoid miserable interactions in our very relationships, from family to life partners to co-workers. Why do we put up with it?

Unhealthy relationship patterns take root early in us, and they shape our every interaction. But these can be broken. Ava walks us through everything from the language of drama to new goddess-woman relationship strategies so we can transform the toxic patterns in our lives and start enjoying the happy and fulfilling kind.

This guide is for:

• Women who are fed up with all the drama in their lives.

• Women who are tired of all the yelling and blaming in their relationships.

• Women who feel leeched from all the toxic people in their lives.

• Women who don’t know how to dig their way out of miserable interactions.

• Women who keep dating the same guy over and over again.

• Women who don’t believe they can have loving and happy relationships.

• Women who don’t know how to talk in loving or kind ways.

• Women who are from co-dependent families.

Say no to toxic peeps and all their crap and start building the loving and joyful relationships you truly want.

Embark on the inspiring journey awaiting you in The Goddess Guides and become the goddess woman you were born to be. Start living life on your own terms. Today!

Hang on… The following are some “important” questions readers have had about this series.

What’s the full scoop on this series?

Ava: It’s everything I wish someone would have told me about being a happy, empowered woman on my own terms. I spent years struggling, trying to figure all this stuff out. I tackle the issues that trip women up: sex, relationships and family, money and personal success, body image, eating, self-expression, personal power, happiness, and fear. The Goddess Guides to Being a Woman encourage women of all ages to unleash their true goddess nature.

“Unleash my goddess nature?” Isn’t that a little scary?

Ava: Aren’t you tired of being told what a woman should act like, think like, look like? Aren’t you tired of feeling like you’re always falling short and chasing your tail? To quote myself: "It's time to live a happy and abundant life on our own terms, not anyone else's.” These guides help each woman decide for herself what that goddess-woman life looks like and tap into her happy, power-packed goddess nature.

Am I really going to transform into a goddess if I read these guides?

Ava: That’s up to you, Young Skywalker. But I sense the force is strong with you. 

Is this one of those self-important, serious motivational books?

Ava: What do you think? I just made a Star Wars reference. Wonder Woman probably would have been more appropriate, right?

How long are the books? I mean, I don’t have all day.

Ava: These are a short, life-changing books designed for busy women.

Is there an order to the series?

Ava: Nope. You decide which topics appeal to you and what order to read in.

Can men read these guides too?

Ava: Sure. Some of the information is geared towards women, but there’s a lot in the guides for everyone walking around on two legs, men included. I mean, don’t they want to be happy and empowered too? 

What about some of the (ahem) words you use in the titles? Cock? Motherf*cker?

Ava: What can I say? The titles kinda wrote themselves, but they make the point about goddess women being free from shame when it comes to self-expression. Use them, don’t use them—it’s your choice.

Are these like Ava’s other bestselling series?

Ava: No, these are non-fiction, but some of the guides contain short fictional stories to make key points.

Wait…Ava writes fiction too?

Ava: Yes, and those stories are chock full of empowering messages for women (and men) too along with a lot of laughs. 

Who would you say you’re most like? I’ve never heard of you.

Ava: Being a goddess woman, I’d like to say I’m just me, but how about a cross between Erma Bombeck and Deepak Chopra? Just kidding. You’ll have to decide.

Where do I find out more about all this goddess stuff?

Ava: You can check out Goddess Central at www.avamiles.com

August 21
Ava Miles Inc.
Ava Miles Inc.

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