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The Goddesses of Kitchen Avenue

From an acclaimed voice in fiction, this is a wry, beguiling, heartfelt, and warmly wise novel about second chances, unexpected choices, and the dreams that we all hunger to fulfill.

Trudy Marino never expected her life to turn out perfectly. But at forty-six, she was content with what she did have: her caring husband Rick . . . twenty-plus happy years raising three accomplished kids . . . and a lovely house in the artistic, vibrantly diverse town of Pueblo, New Mexico. But a heartbreaking discovery and a suddenly shattered marriage now has Trudy looking back on the choices she didn’t make—and where she might go from here.

Struggling to pick up the pieces, Trudy finds support from a quirky, eclectic group of friends and neighbors—her goddesses of Kitchen Avenue—all of whom are trying in their own unique ways to navigate life’s little surprises. There’s Jade, a fiery social worker who’s finding unexpected strength to deal with her “player” ex-husband, thanks to a most unorthodox passion; Jade’s grandmother, Roberta, who has just lost her husband of sixty-two years—and through memory and piercing grief wonders what to do with the rest of her life; Shannelle, Trudy’s young neighbor and an aspiring writer, determined to realize her talent despite formidable obstacles . . . including the husband who’s afraid her success will be his loss; and Angel, a young, quietly-knowing photographer who makes Trudy uncover a sensuality she never knew—even as he tries to get over the one love he can never really forget.

As Trudy faces her future, she discovers that figuring out what to let go and what to keep is just as difficult as moving on. As she weighs what she and Rick still share against new possibilities, she’ll surprise everyone— including herself—as she tries to reconcile the best of both.

Fiction & Literature
September 22
Barbara Samuel
Barbara Samuel

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Outdoor Bel ,

The Goddesses of Kitchen Avenue

As a well-written book should do, this one drew me in—much like the embrace of a long-time friend. I truly enjoyed getting lost in that embrace.

Barbara O'Neil's writing style felt familiar in the sense that she could have crawled into my head and used my words to write her story. The characters, though all very different people, each had elements of their personality that I could emotionally relate to. Reading this book felt like a visit with a dear friend. So much so that as I read the last page, I teared up—sad to see my friend go, but happy to learn she had a happy ending.

I look forward to reading many more of her books!

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