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A novella set in the hard-scrabble world of James S. A. Corey's NYT-bestselling Expanse series, Gods of Risk tells the story of Bobbie Draper following the events of Caliban's War. Now a Prime Original series.
As tension between Mars and Earth mounts, and terrorism plagues the Martian city of Londres Nova, sixteen-year-old David Draper is fighting his own lonely war. A gifted chemist vying for a place at the university, David leads a secret life as a manufacturer for a ruthless drug dealer. When his friend Leelee goes missing, leaving signs of the dealer's involvement, David takes it upon himself to save her. But first he must shake his aunt Bobbie Draper, an ex-marine who has been set adrift in her own life after a mysterious series of events nobody is talking about.
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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 15
Hachette Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews

DanaosX ,

Great little read

It felt like the first half or third of an unfinished novel I'd probably give 5 stellar objects. Please, sir, could I have some more?

8bitme! ,


I hoped that this story might have played into the next regular series book. Not sure yet. On a side note the price of this novella was a little to much if it doesn't play into the next book....

Prairie_Dog ,

Small Side-Story Set on Mars

"Gods of Risk" is a novella set in the Expanse, but does not seem to have anything to do with the main plot. It is considered number 2.5 in the series, but isn't required reading to understand the main novels. It is a small side-story involving Bobbie Draper's brother David Draper, who is our protagonist. Bobbie does appear in the story, as it takes place after the events of "Caliban's War" she has come home to Mars and is living with her family while she figures out what to do with herself. Teenaged David has a problem with some shady dealings that he has allowed himself to become involved with, and aunt Bobbie helps him a little bit to get it sorted out in the end.

While this story is a decent diversion in the Expanse, I wasn't particularly impressed with it. It was good to see Bobbie again, and at home on Mars. But there is one of my problems, we really don't learn much about life on Mars. I feels as if it could have been a vehicle through which we could have learned more about Martian society, culture, or politics. Instead, we have Bobbie as a side character in a story about her brother getting into and then out of trouble. However, I guess that if that is all that it tries to do, it does a decent job of telling that story.

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