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Have you ever felt alone in your journey on this earth? Have you questioned your purpose and wondered if your life truly mattered?

God’s Triumphant Love: Fall in Love With Jesus All Over Again! is about the love relationship between God the Father, Jesus, and Lucifer; the fall; and God’s love for His children. Beginning with an epic heavenly battle and ending with the triumphant justice of God, the drama of the great controversy unfolds in living color more immense and intense than any two-hour film could ever contain. At the heart of the saga lies God’s affection for His children, from the first humans created by His own hands to those who witness His promised second coming.

This is the story of our universe, our history on earth, and most importantly, our Creator and His undying care for us. As you read this epic account, you will find that all life’s questions are fully answered in one phrase—God’s triumphant love.

“This book is very well written and follows the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy closely. One of the things I enjoyed the most was the extra dialog in the section on Adam and Eve. Excellent.”

Dr. William Shea, Retiree, Biblical Research Institute

“God’s Triumphant Love presents the great controversy in a most beautiful way. I was touched by Carol’s depiction of the love between the Father and the Son, their love and sacrifice for fallen man. I am confident that the reader will find the book deeply moving in a way that they have not experienced before.”

Richard O’Ffill, Revivalist, Author

Religion & Spirituality
July 10
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TEACH Services, Inc

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