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"I believe Wendell’s story will encourage and inspire every reader to understand just how good and faithful God is, particularly to those who are looking for a deeper understanding of Him and His purpose for their lives…." -From the Foreword by JOEL OSTEEN 

In the fall of 1973 a young Hollywood actor leaves behind his career and celebrity, embarking on a spiritual quest to the exotic, beautiful and seductive land of India, journal in hand. The trip is a culmination of three years of intense self-examination and spiritual exploration that has taken him through a maze of religions and new age sects. His goal is simple: He seeks what the Hindu’s call “Anubhava”, or “truth, directly experienced”, as if meeting God face to face. 

It’s an ambitious adventure as he travels the sub-continent from one end to the other with his mentor, Charles, and another dozen or so fellow seekers, encountering along the way many famous and not so famous mystics, swamis and gurus, including Satya Sai Baba, the miracle worker and avatar, worshiped as God incarnate by millions. And, oddly enough, he frequently runs into Christians who witness to him about Jesus. Although unappreciative of their intrusions, he is nevertheless reminded of his childhood faith and begins reading a Gideon bible to find out more about Jesus. 

After several months of this fast paced magical mystery tour, the pilgrimage finally ends and he returns to Hollywood with a deep sense of disappointment, feeling like he has been to the edge of the world to find God and truth, only to come home empty handed and unchanged. Then, through a simple invitation to a small Bible study in the Hollywood Hills, he is reintroduced to Jesus and surrenders his life to Him. This true account concludes on a street corner a few years later, as he witnesses to a young unbeliever. Overviewing all that God has done in his life, Wendell realizes that his original quest, a direct experience of God’s truth has indeed been completely fulfilled in Jesus.

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August 18
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Aaron Patterson