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The strange true story of the first influencer.

Oliver, a hacker living in Germany, meets Donna online. She's an American girl living in New York. After chatting and talking on the phone for months, he finally decides to surprise her with a visit. But he soon finds out that things are not what they appeared to be, and that this visit will change his life forever.

“Nobody has ever killed themselves over a broken arm. But every day, thousands of people kill themselves because of a broken heart. Why? Because emotional pain hurts much worse than physical pain.”
-Oliver Markus Malloy, Bad Choices Make Good Stories

“Don't ever think you're better than a drug addict, because your brain works the same as theirs. You have the same circuits. And drugs would affect your brain in the same way it affects theirs. The same thought process that makes them screw up over and over again would make you screw up over and over as well, if you were in their shoes. You probably already are doing it, just not with heroin or crack, but with food or cigarettes, or something else you shouldn't be doing.”
-Oliver Markus Malloy, Bad Choices Make Good Stories

"A must read. One of those rare books that sucks you in from the first to the last page."
★★★★★ - Amazon Review

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June 20
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Customer Reviews

MGR Toronto ,

Amazing journey

My life feels quite boring, but I’ve enjoyed Oliver’s ride. My heart goes out to the writer and the crazy lives he has touched.

Pandraswrath ,

What did I just read?

This book is awful. The writer is all over the place, just stream of consciousness drivel. He’s not even capable of keeping his lies straight from paragraph to paragraph. I could excuse the lies if it were well written and entertaining, but it’s not. Your brain has to work too hard to keep track of whatever it is he’s trying to convey. If I had paid for this, I would have been angry. Hell, I didn’t pay for it, and I’m still angry.

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