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Can a mysterious prophecy, a beautiful prophetess, and a mischievous moncat help save the United Planets Republic?

When a colony ship is found two centuries after it went missing, the United Planets Republic is astonished to find them on a planet they named Delphi. Even more surprising, the colonists have developed the ability to tell the future . . . and their lead oracle has made a disturbing prediction about the Republic’s future. Hastily, the Republic dispatches Lancer Morgan on a secret mission to do what he can to bring Delphi into the Republic before anyone can take advantage of them.

Once on Delphi, he meets Thena, the stunning Golden Pythia who has the highest accuracy rate on Delphi. Though most pythias don’t remember their own prophecies, Thena does, and knows Councilman Nevan has falsified some of her predictions in an effort to sabotage her as well as Lancer’s mission. Unfortunately, she can’t confront Nevan, because pythias who remember their prophecies descend into madness. If she exposes him, she will lose her position and be locked away forever.

Lancer and Thena’s growing desire for each other complicates their efforts to battle the corrupt councilman. Can they find a way to save her sanity, her planet, and the entire Republic?

(Previously published by Dorchester)

“This fantasy romance fan found the prophecy sessions quite fascinating, and delighted in reading about a simpler world filled with magic rather than technological gadgets. The addition of the Pythia sidekick, the Moncat, makes for a cute addition to the story. Mirroring the heroine's emotions, the Moncat adds a sweet touch of humor to this fast-paced tale of otherworldly love.” – Paperback Swap Reviewer

July 15
Parker Hayden Media
Parker Hayden Media, LLC

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