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Two rival alphas. A pregnant omega keeping a dangerous secret...

Rael might be prince of Goldenfall, a legendary city rumored to hold the secret to controlling all shifters, but he's also an omega wolf. A very pregnant omega, in fact—the result of a one-night stand in a faraway city. But after two rival werewolf packs unite to conquer Goldenfall, he ends up at the mercy of both powerful alphas. The first is Koda, a dark, fierce, and intimidating warrior wolf who lets his bold actions speak for him. But shockingly, the second alpha is Mavek, the handsome and charming werewolf who seduced him so long ago. The father of his child. When an army of outcast wolves besieges the city hoping to enslave them all, the alphas realize they must take the Goldenfall prince as a mate to unite the defenders. To buy time, Rael is forced to claim the right of an omega under the Old Laws, allowing him to choose his mate. But now his time is running out. The child will be born soon...and both alphas believe the myth that Rael's child is the key to ruling all shifters. And that has always been a lie...

After Mavek's father is killed in the battle for Goldenfall, he suddenly becomes alpha to his pack. But when he meets the captive prince, he's stunned to realize the pregnant omega is a shifter he once shared a scorching-hot night with. Even though the omega swears the child isn't Mavek's, he still intends to claim the prince as mate and save Goldenfall from an army of rogue wolves. But after Rael claims his rights under the Old Law, Mavek must do more than simply seduce the omega again. He must win his trust...and his heart. But what to do about Koda, his rival? Especially when Mavek is just as attracted to Rael as he is to Koda, the alpha he once faced on the battlefield...

While it wasn't Koda's idea to attack Goldenfall, he's a werewolf who loves battle and never turns away from a challenge. He intends to take the prince as his mate to secure the legendary power of a royal omega's heir for himself, but he's far more familiar with the challenges of battle than the challenges of romantic seduction. And complicating matters even more is his growing desire for his rival, the alpha with the easy smile and stunning green eyes. But with assassins trying to kill the prince and his heir, Koda knows he's in for the fight of his life. He intends to crush anyone looking to harm the hauntingly beautiful Rael. Koda might fear no enemy, but is he ready for a battle for an omega's heart against a rival alpha?

Reader note: contains M/M/M Mpreg, male/male love and fantasy romance elements. A stand-alone story with a happy ending

April 6
Etopia Press
EP Publishers, LLC

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