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That golf reflects life is not a new thought. What John Hanlon has attempted to do here is to extend the metaphor, to examine it in depth and apply it to both the mental and physical sides of golf, as well as the business and personal sides of our everyday lives.

He is not a scratch golfer or a qualified golf teacher, merely a competent golfer who is a master of metaphor and strives to do his best in all areas of a multi-faceted life. The book is structured with the left hand page identifying a golf experience, and its facing pair commenting on the life lesson that can be drawn from that experience.

As well as being a former creative partner of Sydney communications agency, LOUD, John is a successful singer-songwriter and recording artist, and a writer who has a way with metaphor.

From the Foreword: “I’m well aware some will consider my view of the world to be anachronistic, naive and idealistic and, I admit, in some ways I doggedly cling to what many regard as old-fashioned values. However, I make no apologies for this. I have little time for cynics or so-called realists who abandon tradition in the name of progress or decry idealism as weakness. Cynicism is a close relative of apathy in my view and a man without ideals is a man without a soul. If you don't know what I mean when I say this, this book is not for you.”

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John Hanlon is a Eurasian who was raised variously in New Zealand, Malaya, Singapore and Australia. In the early 1970s he accidentally became a New Zealand pop star. A few hit songs and a significant number of awards followed before he chose to seek a quieter life. He then spent three decades as a Creative Director in Australia, before returning to live in New Zealand to explore less certain creative pursuits like writing fiction.

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