Will adversity make you…or break you?

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What is the #1 reason golfers don't improve as much or as fast as they could? In Williams' debut book "GOLF…THE GREAT REVEALER," the reader will learn why it happens to almost 100% of golfers and how we make the same mistakes in life. Williams uses quotes from some of the wisest people in history to reinforce his thoughts and guarantee improvement on the golf course and in life.
One of the differences between a person content with their success in life and one frustrated with life or others is how they interpret problems and learn from them. Most of us look at problems as hindrances to what we're trying to accomplish rather than warning signs that something is not working correctly. When one gets frustrated at problems, they decrease their ability to learn from them.
Do you know if you have decent flexibility, you can have a tour-quality golf swing?
Would you like to improve your:
• Course management
• Emotional control
• Ability to play well under pressure
• Ability to get "In the zone"
• Patience
• Discipline
…and eliminate:
• Anxiety
• Inconsistency on the course
• Making excuses
• Frustration
You can develop those abilities and learn how to control your circumstances instead of being controlled by your circumstances.
Two people can go through the same difficulties, yet one profits from them while the other complains, makes excuses, and becomes weaker. One claims the difficulties ruined them, while the other gives the difficulties credit for making them stronger.
"GOLF…THE GREAT REVEALER" will help the reader understand why their golf game is struggling or they're lacking fulfillment in life. It will help anybody reprogram their mind to benefit from difficulties rather than getting frustrated by them. We can't always control what happens to us, but we can control our responses. Our thoughts, words, and actions will determine the path of the rest of our lives. We better choose wisely!
"GOLF…THE GREAT REVEALER" is a blueprint of how one can improve their golf gam

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February 3
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Customer Reviews

ponderosaray ,

Wonderful Title. Perfectly on point.

I have played golf over 50 years and have had many lessons, read books, watched videos, change clubs, tried new putters, etc., trying to fix my game, but never have I read a golf article or writing that relates life and golf so intimately to help prepare you for what golf is really about. Even thou most golfers understand that golf is that void between your ears, I believe Steve really addresses the need to fill that void and tries to help you find that comfort zone in golf and life. Read the book. You too may find some new life in your golf game. Thank you Steve for wisdom and correlation.

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