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Since its original publication in 1936, Gone With the Wind—winner of the Pulitzer Prize and one of the bestselling novels of all time—has been heralded by readers everywhere as The Great American Novel.

Widely considered The Great American Novel, and often remembered for its epic film version, Gone With the Wind explores the depth of human passions with an intensity as bold as its setting in the red hills of Georgia. A superb piece of storytelling, it vividly depicts the drama of the Civil War and Reconstruction.

This is the tale of Scarlett O’Hara, the spoiled, manipulative daughter of a wealthy plantation owner, who arrives at young womanhood just in time to see the Civil War forever change her way of life. A sweeping story of tangled passion and courage, in the pages of Gone With the Wind, Margaret Mitchell brings to life the unforgettable characters that have captured readers for over seventy years.

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November 1

Customer Reviews

Chelled75 ,

My Favorite novel

I love the Story of Scarlett and Rhett! This novel gave me a better understanding of life in the South during the Civil War! I can relate to Scarlett’s determination and attitude!

Jm.4444 ,

Tomorrow is another day.

It’s been so many months since I started reading Gone With The Wind that I don’t remember what my preconceptions were, what I hoped to gain by reading it, or what I expected to find. But needless to say, whatever my expectations, they were exceeded by a degree higher than I thought possible.

For all its faults and deserved criticisms, Gone With The Wind is assuredly a masterpiece. Calling the people in this book “characters” feels disingenuous. The landscapes and scenes are so vivid that it takes me a moment to remember that these memories are not my own. More passages moved me to laughter, love, anger, introspection, and tears than I can count. It was an intimate and beautiful experience, and I am tempted to consider it the greatest work of art across any medium that I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

I will surely read it again, and carry it with me to the end of my days. I am deeply grateful to Mrs. Mitchell for the work she poured into this story. It has left me inspired beyond words.

ed 2346🤪 ,

Really good

This is a really good book, as a person from Louisiana I know how it is to have all that southern pride in your blood. Not that I support slavery or racism, but I like how the author shows how southerners back then we’re brought up to believe. Scarlett is the most shallow conceited vain person ever and yet somehow you want things to work out for her. I honestly think the best thing that happens to her in the book is Rhett because he helps her say screw how people want me to behave I’m going to be my vain conceited self! You go Scarlett. I really hate how much she ignores wade but oh well. It is a really great novel. Definitely suggest it as a month or two long slow read. Don’t force yourself through it, just take it slow and read it when you want, it’s definitely better that way.

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