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Got Enough?! A Rags To Revelation Story

Got Enough?!

We have a better standard of living, more choices, unparalleled access to goods and services, friends at our fingertips and more wealth than most of the past generations combined, so why is it that we never seem to have enough?

What if someone could give examples showing you how to make more money, how to keep more of the money you do earn, what science says will make you happiest, and what other ingredients you’ll need to throw into the stew of life to cook up Enough?

Michael Rullo is an “Enough” consultant, who shares with others how to figure out “Enough” for themselves, but that wasn’t always the case. Witty and clever, he intimately shares his life story, from begging for a job at age ten to how he could’ve retired by twenty-four, and how money didn’t buy him the happiness he thought it would. Through his personal search for "Enough," combined with the latest insights from the fields of finance, philosophy, science, and psychology he shows you that "Enough" is attainable. 

With clear how-to instructions, impactful quotes that range from wise to humorous, and so much more, 'Got Enough?!' is not just another one of those books on how to become a billionaire, although you can use it to do almost anything you set your mind to; it’s a diverse life-guide to:

Money - how to make it work for you not against you

Goals - how to go from pipe dream to living the dream

Inspiration - how to reconnect with what drives you to thrive

Motivation - how to create a positive momentum in your life

Balance - how to figure out what you need more of, less of, some of, none of.

When Michael tells people his life story of how he came to discover Enough, they often say, "You should write a book and show everybody how to get enough!"

Every once in a while, a book comes along that can genuinely make your life better.

This is that book.


Table of Contents:

1. Numbers Don’t Lie! They Also Don’t Tell the Whole Story!

2. Your Enough Number: How to Find It

3. Growing on Trees: Where Does Money Come From?

4. Feed the Beast or Make It Starve: Goals in the Face of Your Inner Critic

5. Step It Up: The Power of Preparation to Achieve Success

6. The Road to Enough is Paved With Goals!

7. Make Opportunity Knock: How You Do That and Let It in When It Does!

8. Hands in Your Pockets: How to Keep the Money You Have When the World Wants It Too!

9. The Psychology of Enough: The People, Power, and Politics of Money

10. The Philosophy of Money: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Result, Change in Your Pocket

11. Go With the Flow: That’s the Spirit!

12. Finding Your Balance: On the Edge of Enough

13. Philanthropy and Love: Giving Back to Get Enough

14. The Wizard of Awes: Courage, Brains, and a Whole Lot of Heart

Website: michaelrullo.com

December 18
Transcendent Press
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