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What would you do if you've seen a ghost in your house or heard footsteps when you know you are the only one home? How would you feel if you've heard your name called or felt something touch you? Would you feel uneasy when seeing your dog growling at something on top of the stairs?

This book is a compilation of over a Decade's worth of unaltered emails (never seen before) sent to The Ghost Education & Research Center (GERC) from people asking for help because they are experiencing real paranormal activity. These are real everyday people like you and me who can't dismiss anymore the things that go bump in the night as just being imagination or a tree branch hitting the side of the house, etc. These people are terrified of living in their own homes because they have seen a ghost of a little girl, or heard someone talking to them, or even been physically touched by something they cannot see. When things go flying, that's usually when we're called in.

Regardless what you believe, Some things exist, whether you believe in them or not. GERC works closely with the South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance to follow up with these people and conduct real paranormal investigations free of charge. Do to confidentiality, any identifying information is altered (ex. the name John from Boston is now Chris from Miami along with their phone numbers that are also altered) so the letter (and grammatical errors) are left intact so the letter is as true to original as possible. Ask yourself when reading this... what would you do if you've GOT GHOSTS?

September 27
Steven Wolff
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Bree68 ,

A wonderful enlightenment

Steven, thank you for showing the truth behind what the paranormal really is and how those reality ghost shows are total crap (just a bunch of macho buttheads thinking they're tough because they can call the ghosts names, threaten them, etc.) They have no real idea how to reach out and help anyone - living or dead. I never knew so many normal people needed so much help in this area but it's good to know that there are people (such as yourself) who are honest, considerate and kind enough to not only believe their stores, but to try your best to help them and for free yet. That act of kindness is so unheard of in a society today that wants money for everything little thing. I imagine you are a Godsend to many people and who (from reading your amazing book) are so desperate for help and scared senseless. God Bless you Steven for your dedication, your caring and your devotion for not only showing the truth of the paranormal, but doing it for selfless reasons and helping out so many people. You have become an instant favorite author for me and I look forward to reading your upcoming books. Keep on fighting the good fight - there are so many people that need you. I found your book truly inspiring and a real eye opener. Can't wait to read your next book!!

Sapphire35 ,

Paranormal activity

Very interesting

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