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This concise, easy-to-read manual will walk you through the steps of creating great apps and other digital products. With an unwavering focus on user experience and a commitment to ongoing iteration, the authors break down all the elements and exercises that go into creating products people won’t just buy, but will love to use. 

You’ll learn about:

The foundation of all great digital products, including finding your vision, mapping your user journey, and always mapping your strategy back to your goals
How to conduct lean, mean research without a lot of time or money
Which development methodology will work best for you, your product, and your scaling team
Why user-centric design is integral to any successful product today
The secrets to building a small, effective startup team
How to bring your business model to life and attract the right investors at the right time

With hands-on, tactical instruction, you’ll create the building blocks of a great product, including:

Your very first proof of concept
A value proposition you can commit to
A tangible product workflow
A feasibility audit
Iterative prototypes that react to feedback and lessons learned
Your first pitch deck

Got Ideas? turns dreamers into viable entrepreneurs and good ideas into excellent products with great UX.

Business & Personal Finance
September 24
Justin Jones & Scott Waddell
Rush Media

Customer Reviews

K. Howell ,

Got Ideas? Get Moving!

I love all of the practical knowledge in this book. It is an amazing reference for anyone looking to venture into the world of product.

Neilspencer ,

Fantastic Workbook

This book is a great guide to helping me bring ideas to life. I suggest using this book like a workbook and putting the ideas into action.

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