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This is the second story of a four-part book called “Manhattan Nights”, a series of adult erotic vampire romance stories. Each is a stand-alone novel or novella. The stories intertwine with characters from previous stories appearing later. If you enjoy action, drama, and steamy sex with hunky vampires and snarky heroines, the complete book is for you.
“First Night”, the first tale in the series, is the story of Cloe Barnes, a brilliant computer scientist. A chance encounter with a mysterious stranger, Galen Van Aalsburg, saves her from mysterious forces seeking to steal her discoveries and even kill her. Little did she realize he was more dangerous and desirable than she could ever imagine.
“The Light and the Dark” is the third book. Kari Atwood is a young woman with a Masters of Fine Arts working as a bartender to pay the bills. Her love of art brings her together with a rich patron of the arts, Endre Vadas. He finds her beauty, independence, and intelligence irresistible, but neither of them knows if her love of the light can overcome the dark attraction that threatens to consume her.
Finally, there is “Darkest Night”. Emma Doriane is an investigative reporter looking for her big break. She thinks she’s found it in the person of one Markus Lange. He’s handsome, rich, and mysterious. He shuns the day, but does that make him a vampire? Then she learns she must make a life or death decision. How deep into the depths of darkness must she go to survive?

Fiction & Literature
November 17
Arden Masters
Smashwords, Inc.

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