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Imagery, that includes panoramic, historic and intimate rock studies; which accompany the story of the art, science and history of Grand Canyon’s sublime nature and immense beauty within this incredibly diverse, monumentally stratigraphic, and captivatingly carved landscape. Foreword by Wayne Ranney

Science & Nature
November 25
Wes Timmerman Photography
Wesley G. Timmerman

Customer Reviews

billtimm ,

A refreshing mix of art and science

This e-book is an artful look at the Grand Canyon, a place we think we already know. I was taken by the feel of a substantial journey deep into the canyon, at times in its shadowed nooks with dripping springs, then out onto its powerful river, both in turbulence and quiet reflection. But the center piece of this trip may be the beautifully crafted color photographs of the stone the river has carved its way though. These closeup portraits of limestone, sandstone, granite and schist are breathtaking, something we have never seen. If you spend a little time looking and carefully reading, you too will come to know our canyon in a new way, as I did.

Zhljz ,

Great Book!

Dear Wes,

I have had the opportunity to peruse and savor your Grand Canyon book. What a pleasure!

First of all, the pictures are stunning. Their color, composition and particularly their textures are extraordinary. There is an almost tactile feeling to many of them, which I enjoyed and appreciated. Your sense of being able to feel and taste the grit of geology is manifest in your pictures.

Second, the book is incredibly scholarly, ranging with ease and authority from geology to history to personal sketches of those whose lives have been linked to the the Canyon, making its human history come alive for the modern reader. Your bibliographic comments and guidance are particularly useful.

Finally, the book comes across as deeply personal. I liked the mixture of fact and quotation with which you surround your remarkable photographs. And to the eloquent voices of those who have written about the canyon, you can add your own. As with Dutton, Burroughs, Stegner, Roosevelt, Powell and others, the majesty of the canyon and its infinite variety seems to bring forth a wonderful felicity and grace of expression that I very much enjoyed.

Thanks so much for sharing your images, learning and thoughts about the canyon with the rest of us. It is a real gift. Zach Hall


Jlittlewy. ,

Beautiful book and format

I just finished reading and admiring your new version of Grand Canyon.

Well done, brings some beautiful images to Eastern Africa this morning.
Well spent time for me.
Reminds me what an incredible world we live in. I have only floated the Grand Canyon twice, both commercial with Norm and Lorna as guides, and other Jacksonites as companions. Both were spectacular and awe inspiring trip.

Thanks for making it available in an iBooks format.

Jim Little