Grand Deception: The Browder Hoax

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Bill Browder, the false crusader for justice and human rights and the self-proclaimed No. 1 enemy of Vladimir Putin has perpetrated a brazen and dangerous deception upon the Western world. Mr. Browder uses all of the smarmy language, and all of the tricks of the worst and most vicious sort of CIA propaganda, as we have witnessed its development and application over the last 70 years: demonization and flat out lies, the aims of which are destabilization, chaos, mayhem and “regime change” in Russia. The extent to which intelligent people fall for Browder tales uncritically is astounding.

Browder has been squashing any dissenting voices to his narrative: The Magnitsky Act — Behind the Scenes documentary by Andrei Nekrasov has not been shown because the Browder lawyers had basically attacked everybody involved in trying show it. Alex Krainer’s book The Killing of William Browder: Deconstructing Bill Browder’s Dangerous Deception (now titled Grand Deception: The Browder Hoax) is banned on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble without any due process. A highly intelligent, frank and entertaining take-down of one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the US public and the world - The Magnitsky Act.

Browder's carefully cultivated and paid for image in the West (he was planning a movie about himself with the Weinstein brothers) is so at odds with the reality exposed here as to make up a kind of horror story effect out of Bram Stoker. Yet the way Alex Krainer tells it is both compelling and convincing. The thing is, no one else has looked at Browder's story critically. It was accepted as fact, with no corroboration of any sort, by a gullible, and probably complicit, US political establishment.

An even more terrifying question raised by the very existence of this book is: What was the interest of the US Senate and Congress in unquestionably believing this 'scheister,' Bill Browder, and using his outlandish and unsubstantiated claims to restart the Cold War and bring us to the brink of nuclear confrontation? As with a documentary about him by Nekrasov, called 'The Magnitsky Act - Behind the Scenes,' Browder has armies of lawyers trying to squelch any information coming out about him and the events he fabricated. Understandably, since the story he told is so shabby and full of holes that any light cast on it at all begins to crumble the fabric of it.

This is a meticulously scrupulous research of a fascinating tale whose protagonist has all the traits of a fiendish movie villain. Needless to point out, in the cacophonic pandemonium of relentless anti-Russian propaganda that permeates both political and mass-media scene in the West throughout 2017, Bill Browder, by trade a vulture investor, is depicted as akin to a holy warrior against the Devil himself, the Russian president Vladimir Putin.

In our increasingly insane world a fascinating tale of William Browder’s role in pushing the Magnitsky Act, that was passed in the U.S. Senate in order “to punish those suspected of being involved in the death of Russian tax lawyer Sergei Magnitsky,” might have eluded you. The Magnitsky Act that has passed the Congress on 3rd of January, 2012 resulted in blacklisting of five Russian nationals on 9th of January, 2017 and elevated Bill Browder, at least in his own eyes, to the status of a global human rights activist.

Enters “Grand Deception: The Browder Hoax” and shatters that delusion. Krainer mercilessly dissects Browder’s tale in the most minute details and, as he examines Browder’s numerous statements, he portrays Browder as he truly is: not a magnanimous human rights champion but rather a wicked purveyor of (other man’s) tragedy and salesman of (his own) self-aggrandizing fantasies. Bill Browder seems to me as a somehow cartoonish villain who makes us chuckle even while we shudder.

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September 18
Alex Krainer
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