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This Book is a collection of pictures I have taken during my travels through life, looking at the wonders of nature.  I put them together for my grandchildren so that they might share my delight.

The poems I have appended, partly for my own pleasure, and partly that they might serve as vocabulary expanders.

I also hoped that seeing a picture along with a story about the picture would form in the viewer’s mind that might be different from mine.  I have added the American Sign Language alphabet hand signs for my deaf grandchildren and to share that expression with others.

There is a Glossary, of the less than usual words, at the end with a link from the word in question, usually of a different color.  I have also added a list of where the pictures of the animals were taken.

After I put the collection together, I decided if there was no reader for the viewer, I would read it for them and attached a link to the audio file in the little ear at the bottom of the page.  There is also a link to each picture to enlarge it.

Later, my grandson Alosha composed ASL poetry for each picture in sign language, linked to the video camera at the bottom of the page.  Finally, all poems around our family suggests a song and my son Todd started to compose the group, but unfortunately died of cancer before he could complete , linked from the speaker at the bottom of the page. Hopefully completed by some of his friends.

Arts & Entertainment
March 30
Hand and Mind Publishing
Brian E Cerney

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