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On the tablelands of NSW there are more than 400 species of native and introduced grasses. These grasses form an important component of pastures, grasslands and understoreys of woodlands and forests. They are of major importance to the grazing industries, form a significant component of the biodiversity and provide food and habitat for many native animals. On the other hand not all grasses are desirable.  Some are highly invasive weed species in all situations where others may be considered valuable pasture species while also being considered threatening species in conservation areas.

The purpose of this book is to provide an easy reference guide to the common grasses, so they can be recognised and managed appropriately. The book does not seek to cover all grasses in the area, but to concentrate on the more widespread and common species which were recorded by the authors and collaborators in pasture surveys and during Paddock Plant field days, or have been brought in by landholders for identification. This list has been further supplemented by records in Australia’s Virtual Herbarium and Atlas of NSW Wildlife.

Each grass is described by several images, a guide to distribution, and some points on importance and management.


Harry Rose is an Education Officer (Weeds) at NSW Department of Primary Industries. He is based at Tocal Agricultural College in the Hunter Valley of NSW, Australia. 

Jenene Kidtston has been a NSW DPI district agronomist based at Mudgee, NSW Australia and is currently a Technical Specialist (Farm Chemicals) for NSW Department of Primary Industries

Carol Rose has many years experience as a NSW DPI agronomist in Northern NSW. She now develops short courses for farmers and landowners and is based at Tocal Agricultural College in the Hunter Valley of NSW, Australia.

Clare Edwards has been with NSW DPI for more than 17 years, has experience as a district agronomist at Armidale and has been involved in research delivering training packages. She is now a Development Officer (Poultry Eggs) at Armidale.

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