Grave Future Grave Future

Grave Future

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Paranormal Romantic Suspense, Reissued

A Award Winner Favorite!

DRAGGED INTO DANGER. When Jocelyn Hunter is stranded in an isolated cabin with an antagonistic stranger, she has no idea of the danger that awaits her. Will she be able to discover Dan's dark secret and can she convince him to set aside his obsession and listen to his heart?

OBSESSED WITH REVENGE. Federal agent Dan Ferguson is haunted by his desire to bring a killer to justice. When innocent Jocelyn unexpectedly comes into his life, his first thought is to get her away from the danger lurking in the shadows. Can he overcome his reluctance to accept her help and finally admit his growing love for her?

If you love the combination of a good mystery with a twist of paranormal, you'll enjoy this book. Although a fairly new writer on the scene, Ms. Knight could certainly compete with some of today's top writers. When Jocelyn is stranded in the middle of the Pocono Mountains, she is forced to spend the night in a creepy house located next to a cemetery. The owner is abrupt and rude and even locks her in her room that night! She soon sees a strange light and discovers that there is more to Dan than meets the eye. Has a local resident been murdered? And who murdered him? The characters are vivid, the plot holds you until the last page and the author is a rare

5 Stars! GRAVE FUTURE was a fantastic book to read! I enjoyed every page of it! A real "ghost" story, as you can read seldom nowadays. Susanne Marie Knight did a wonderful job writing this novel, if you ask my opinion! You couldn't help but keep on wondering, the book contains one surprise after the other. If you think you have the answer to a question, you'll notice soon enough as you read on that more and more questions (and answers) will come to baffle your mind! And then I haven't even spoken about the "mystic" atmosphere you sense during the time you read this book... A real page turner combined with strong characters, a lot of mystery and a touch of love; this is a must read!--Euro-Reviews

4 Stars! Susanne Marie Knight sure knows how to create a book packed with mystery especially one with ghosts and a woman so drugged up she thinks she has worms in her hair. There were some funny scenes I liked, especially the Shakespearean ghost that keeps talking to Jocelyn. I especially liked Dan each time trying to keep cool when it's obvious he's attracted to Jocelyn. GRAVE FUTURE is definitely aptly names since the cabin is right next to a cemetery the thought of which will give you chills to the bone. This is a great book to pick up and read as it is filled with suspense ending with a scene that will make you jump.--Fallen Angel Reviews

The conclusion will get your heart pumping and maybe even raise the hairs on the back of your neck. For those of you who enjoy a modern-day romance with a good dose of a thriller mixed in, this book is definitely for you!--Writers Club Romance Group

February 13
Susanne Marie Knight
Draft2Digital, LLC

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