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During the day, he was a senior Chinese doctor and at night, he was a grave robber.With one hand curing the illness of the living and the other digging up the wealth of the dead, Yun Caixi's days were truly colorful.Unexpectedly, he had worn a tomb owner's jade ring and crossed over.In ancient times, when she wasn't familiar with the world, she went back to her old business. Grave robbing was a profession with few investments and quick results. The most important thing was that it would never be eliminated.Who would have thought that he would be able to find a new identity for himself? It was the young mistress of the Duke of Guo's estate.She was originally the princess consort appointed by the emperor, but with the crown prince's great marriage, the person sitting on the bridal sedan was actually the second young miss's elder sister.Oh, how interesting!Since that's the case, then let's grant them their wish. A trash man with a trash girl, definitely a good match!Since the imperial decree had come again, since he didn't have any fate with the crown prince, then he might as well marry Prince Jin!Your majesty, you really like to mess around with lovebirds! So what if he was a prince? With that high and cold attitude, whoever wanted to marry would have to marry.Wait a minute, why did the jade thumb ring in that guy's hand look so much like the one that caused her to cross over?From then on, Prince Jin had an additional follower behind him."Master, how about selling this jade thumb ring to me?""You can't afford it." Someone raised his eyebrows arrogantly.After greeting a certain person's ancestor in his heart, Yun Qixi squeezed out a fawning smile. "Master, name a price. We don't lack money."A certain someone glanced at her and said calmly, "This item is priceless, and it will only be given to descendants."Yun Caixi was instantly thrown into disarray.

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February 16
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