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Sam Hawthorne has lived a nomadic life, wandering through small midwestern towns for the past two decades. He is known among the people he meets as an oddity and a troublemaker. He has a secret, however; one that has given him the chance to help dozens of people over the years. But that secret has also created a trail, and now someone with violent intentions has begun to follow it.

Forced to run for his life, Sam returns to his hometown for the first time since the death of his family. There, Roger Sandbrook, old family friend and local history professor, welcomes him in and gives him aid. Sam quickly learns that he isn’t the only one with secrets, however, and that Roger just might be the only person who can help him.

From the tired small towns of the Midwest to the streets of historic Salem, Sam’s journey will carry him through painful memories and across centuries of forgotten history. But as the questions stack up, will he also find the answers he needs?

Mysteries & Thrillers
July 27
Aaron Mahnke
Aaron Mahnke

Customer Reviews

sph33r ,

A fascinating thriller

I stumbled across Aaron Mahnke's work when his previous title "Indian Summer" was on sale on Amazon. It was a good book but I didn't find it an easy read. In "Grave Suspicion" it feels like Aaron has made big leaps in his writing, delivering a thriller that holds your attention. I devoured this book and enjoyed every minute of it.

It's a pretty fast paced story that never really slows down. Sometimes authors can get mired in trying to explain things and end up slowing down the story, Aaron avoided this like a pro. I spend most of my time reading Stephen King so I have a special respect for authors who can hold my attention like King can.

This book definitely delivered and I have no qualms recommending it to anyone who is looking for a great story.

Gamer would ,

Great Book!

It's a great read. Thanks Aaron!!

Scott Saluga ,

Action-packed, tight thriller! Loved it!

Another great story from Aaron Mahnke! I started thinking this was another horror story and I was quickly surprised when it took a smart left turn and became a great supernatural thriller. I was hooked from the beginning and could not put it down. I read it in two days, it was that good.
The characters are fully developed and you find that you care what happens to them. There is a lot of detail, but there is no filler. This is all good stuff.
The story keeps building to a successful climax while smartly keeping the door open to more stories in this world. I truly hope that Mahnke revisits this world soon.
A great summer read!

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