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Ask a well-educated person, "What causes gravity?" Likely, the answer would not be the proscribed, correct answer. The proscribed answer might be; gravity is mediated by the Higgs Boson, which creates a Higgs field. The arcane answer would be, "most of the mass of a particle is contained in the energy within the particles that make up the nucleus." This is because the quarks that make-up the particles are swirling around at the speed of light. Still, even this may not be the correct answer. This e-book provides what might be the correct answer.

This e-book is about the world around us and the way we see, feel, and live it, the electroweak, gravity and the strong nuclear forces. For example, the photon starts at an electron and ends at an electron. There is no method of measuring the photon during flight, without putting an electron in the path of the photon. This is action at a distance. It is a long contested concept. Magnetism, gravity and radio frequency energy either consist of quanta (packets of energy) or require some sort of transmission-capable-environment. So, that brings us to the ether or rather the Aether. The Michelson/Morley experiment of 1887 seemed to disprove the existence of the Aether.
Sadly, over the years the Aether has reared its ugly head many times in the guise of short-lived theories. Luminiferous Ether, Neutrino Sea, Radiant Energy, Fermi Sea; Primary Energy; Tachyon Field, Zero-Point Energy, Gravity Field or G-Field, Space Energy, Dirac Sea, Higgs Sea, Primary Energy, Tachyon Field, Gluon Field, Photon Sea, Corpuscles (Newton) and Mundane Corpuscles (Le Sage) are examples. Tesla, Maxwell, Einstein and others considered the Aether in their theories.

Because the length of the photon has been speculated at ten to the minus sixty-five meters, Michelson/Morley may be wrong. For the photon to cross billions of light-years, the constituents of the Aether must be orders of magnitude smaller than the photon. Therefore, the constituents of the Aether simply float through matter and produce no discernible signal. Here the Aether is a basic premise.

In this e-book, the existence of the Aether manifests workable solutions to many of the problems confronting the Standard Model. For example, the gravitational mechanism, radiationless transitions, the quark hierarchy, proton decay and electron/proton mass differences. The conjectures herein do not argue against the Standard Model, but provide mechanisms for many of the forces, particles and fields of the theory. The mechanics are plainly described and workable. The material is consistent throughout and methods to validate or disprove assertions are provided.

Science & Nature
January 31
Ken Ramsey
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