Book 1 - League of Gallize Shifters

Gray Wolf Mate: League of Gallize Shifters

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New York Times Bestseller Dianna Love has created a unique shifter series with immortals, mages, witches and ... sexy protective shifters.   

Shifters came out to the public eight years ago and, since then, the world has never been the same for many.

Tess Janver and Cole Cavanaugh fell deeply in love in college ... then he disappeared without a word. She feared the worst, or thought she had. After seven years, he returns as a beefed up version of his former self. That’s not the only thing different. As someone working in a preternatural criminal investigation unit and the daughter of a senator determined to rid the world of dangerous shifters, Tess is caught between performing her duty to humans, protecting the only family she has left and risking her heart to a man who once destroyed it.

Cole had no choice in becoming a Gallize shifter, a secret group of apex predators descended from a druidess, and now faces a deadline from a fatal mating curse he can’t stop. The only woman he’s ever loved is human and wouldn’t survive bonding with him. He never planned on Tess finding out he was a wolf shifter, but she’s in danger from a rogue pack. He’s not leaving until she’s safe ... and he has a chance to redeem himself in her eyes before his time is up.

Enjoy a fast-paced, high-action romantic tale. Each book in the series is a stand-alone.  

League of Gallize Shifters
Gray Wolf Mate
Mating A Grizzly
Stalking His Mate
Scent Of A Mate
Wild Wolf Mate

October 23
Silver Hawk Press LLC
Silver Hawk Press, LLC

Customer Reviews

Ella Clarke ,

Paranormal At It’s Best!

Having enjoyed Dianna Love's Belador series, League of Gallize Shifters was a natural progression for me to follow this amazingly talented author. Love does a tremendous job in the first book of this series, Gray Wolf Mate, building the dangerous world of a special breed of shifters attempting to restore balance to the chaos that has erupted due to the discovery of shifters among mankind. The Gallize Shifters covertly attempt to govern both the world shifters and SCIS to ensure that everyone is "playing nice"; however when a mission causes the two organizations to clash this story takes flight!

The protagonist, Cole Cavanaugh, thought himself human until one faithful night when his hidden other half drove him to the woods for a run. The emergence of Gray Wolf causes Cole to leave behind the love of his life, Tess Janver, and to take on his responsibility in the secret order of the Gallize. Seven years later, a mission causes Cole and Tess to come together again to take down a rogue pack of shifters, stop the flow of drugs causing shifters to lose control, and to sniff out the mole in Tess' criminal investigation unit. All the while Cole is battling the dreaded mating curse that threatens to end his life in a mere five weeks if he is unable to bond with a Gallize female.

Love has the innate ability to develop characters that cause her readers to quickly become invested in the outcomes of not just the inner circle, but leave you wanting more from those characters in the background. Gray Wolf Mate is a perfect blend of world-building and character development, making the storyline flow in a way that is perfectly paced so that the readers are drawn into the world that she has created.

As an avid reader of paranormal romance, I highly recommend Gray Wolf Mate: League of Gallize Shifters, Book 1. The book is an easy read and is a highly entertaining start to another series from author, Dianna Love!

awful good ,

Gray wolf mate

A wow! Great story! Very unusual...

Laraine H

Avid Reader QC ,

An exhilarating adventure without romance

Dianna Love has crafted an exhilarating romance in a world of animal shifters. More than just romance and pack dynamics, this first book is a thrill ride aka Agents of Shield.

In a refreshing turnabout, the male is the blithering idiot who wastes time because he can’t open his mouth to tell the woman of his dreams how he feels.

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