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David Loye (ed.), The Great Adventure: Toward a Fully Human Theory of Evolution, New York, State University of New York Press, 2004, ISBN 0-79145924-1. "Everyone is talking about evolution, but nobody is doing anything about it" complained an anonymous radio commentator recently. This book is an attempt to do something about it. According to David Loye, its editor, "the single greatest shortcoming of twentieth century science was its failure to achieve a fully human theory and story of evolution' (p. 1). Darwin has been misrepresented by the Neo-Darwinists who, Loye argues, ignored his discussions of love, moral development and consciousness, instead focusing on biological evolution via chemistry and biology. The purpose of the book is to accelerate the development of a full spectrum evolutionary theory using systems science and humanistic, transpersonal and positive psychology not only to advance science but to orient people for action, action "to end the inanity into which our species has fallen' (p.2). It is an assault on the reigning Neo-Darwinian hegemony and the social order it legitimates. The contributors, coming from a diversity of disciplines, are members of the General Evolution Research Group. This was formed in 1986 at the instigation of the systems theorist, Ervin Lazlo, the founder and editor of World Futures: The Journal of General Evolution. Their work provides original contributions to the evolutionary theory of consciousness, partnership, communication, creation, love, human agency and creative action, and examines cultural, social, economic, political, technological, educational, moral and spiritual evolution. The contributions are designed not merely to advance our understanding of these phenomena, but to provide ideals for people to realize. The book is designed for scientists, general readers and students, and it offers sample course outlines for a full academic year. A web site, www.thedarwinproject.com is designed to interlink global efforts contributing to this project.

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January 1
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