Great Cloud of Witnesses Great Cloud of Witnesses

Great Cloud of Witnesses

A Series of Papers on Hebrews 11

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This classic on Hebrews 11 is organized as follows: 


1. The Scope of the Chapter 

2. Reckoning by Faith 

3. Faith [Cometh] by Hearing 

4. “Hearing [Cometh] by the Word of God” 

I. Abel: Faith’s Worship of God 

1. The Two Ways of Access 

2. The Two Ways of Worship 

3. The Witness God Bore 

4. The Witness Abel Obtained 

5. “The Blood of Abel” and “The Way of Cain” 

II. Enoch: Faith’s Walk with God 

1. “The Seventh from Adam” 

2. “Before his Translation” 

3. “He Well-pleased God” 

III. Noah: Faith’s Witness for God 

1. “The Eighth Person” 

2. “Warned of God” 

3. “A Preacher of Righteousness” 

IV. Abraham: Faith’s Obedience 

1. “He was called,” “He went out” 

2. “He Sojourned, Dwelling in Tents” 

3. “He Looked for a City” 

4. “When he was Tried… Offered up his Only Son” 

5. “Abraham Believed God” 

V. Sarah: Faith’s Conclusion 

VI. Isaac: Faith Overcoming “The Will of the Flesh” 

VII. Jacob: Faith Overcoming “The Will of Man” 

VIII. Joseph: Faith’s Waiting 

IX. Moses’ Parents: Faith Overcoming the Fear of Man 

X. Moses: Faith Overcoming the Praise of Man 

1. He refused… He chose… He esteemed 

2. “He Forsook Egypt” 

3. He Kept the Passover 

XI. Israel: Faith’s Obedience 

1. They Passed through the Red Sea 

2. “The Walls of Jericho Fell Down” 

XII. Rahab: Faith’s Conclusion 

XIII. The First Group: Faith Conquering through God 

1. Gideon: Faith Conquering through God 

2. Barak: Faith Conquering through God 

3. Samson: Faith Conquering through God 

4. Jephthah: Faith Conquering through God 

5. David, and Samuel, and the Prophets: Faith Conquering through God 

XIV. The Second Group: Faith’s Suffering FOR God 

1. “And Others Were Tortured Not Accepting Deliverance” 

2. “Had Trial of Cruel Mockings and Scourgings” 

3. “Bonds and Imprisonment” 

4. “They Were Stoned” 

5. “Were Sawn Asunder” 

6. “Were Tempted” 

7. “Were Slain with the Sword” 

8. “They Wandered About in Sheepskins and Goatskins” 

9. “Being Destitute, Afflicted, Tormented 

10. “Of Whom the World was Not Worthy” 

11. “They Wandered in Deserts, and in Mountains, and in Dens and Caves of the Earth” 

XV. General Reflections 

XVI. Conclusion

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