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Introduction by John Irving • Nominated as one of America’s best-loved novels by PBS’s The Great American Read

Pip, a poor orphan being raised by a cruel sister, does not have much in the way of great expectations—until he is inexplicably elevated to wealth by an anonymous benefactor. Full of unforgettable characters—including a terrifying convict named Magwitch, the eccentric Miss Havisham, and her beautiful but manipulative niece, Estella, Great Expectations is a tale of intrigue, unattainable love, and all of the happiness money can’t buy. “Great Expectations has the most wonderful and most perfectly worked-out plot for a novel in the English language,” according to John Irving, and J. Hillis Miller declares, “Great Expectations is the most unified and concentrated expression of Dickens’s abiding sense of the world, and Pip might be called the archetypal Dickens hero.”

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August 1
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Iamamover ,

A great classic book

I was on a ten day cruise and finished my book and wanted something else to read. My daughter had downloaded Great Expectations for high school and since I paid for it I figured I'd read it. I really enjoyed this book and would certainly read another one written by Dickens. She laughed that I read it so much faster then she did but I wanted to get to the end and when she read it the book it was homework. For some paragraphs I needed to reread them because of the old style of writing; I'd be reading them but sort of drifting off so my comprehension wasn't as sharp and I'd get a bit lost. But I was on a cruise ship after all and easily distracted. I'd suggest the free version.

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