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This bundle contains three erotic monster sex tales set in ancient Greece. Lovely maidens are sacrificed to tentacled creatures, trapped in a maze with a sex-crazed minotaur, and give themselves willingly to a group of satyrs all in this erotic short story collection. 

18,200~ words


Sacrifice for the Minotaur

Adonia’s whole world changes when she is chosen as one of the sacrifices to the minotaur, along with the man she loves. But when she reaches the isle of Minos, she discovers not a bloodthirsty beast, but a creature with insatiable lusts. Adonia is finally given the chance to fulfil her darkest desires, both with the man she loves and with the strangely alluring monster.

6900~ words

Contains: explicit sex, masturbation, m/m and f/m oral, double penetration, and a very horny minotaur.


Sacrifice for the Tentacle God

Andromeda is chained to the rocks as a sacrifice to a terrible tentacled monster. Little do her people know that she is a willing sacrifice, in no need of rescue, for she had tasted the pleasures that only the creature’s writhing tentacles can provide--and she is hungry for more.

4200~ words

Contains: explicit sex, tentacle sex, and triple penetration by the tentacles of a mysterious ancient god.


Ravished by Satyrs

The beautiful Xanthe is half human, half nymph and her erotic appetites cannot be satisfied by any human lover. When she stumbles upon a sleeping forest god, she thinks her dreams have finally been answered. But first she must satisfy his tribe of satyrs, and she discovers she is more than up for the task.

7100~ words

Contains a g******g by a dozen dirty satyrs on one eager nymph.

Fiction & Literature
May 6
Jane Dashiell
Draft2Digital, LLC

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