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The Eye sees all. There is no escape from its fearsome gaze…

Thirteen harrowing tales of science fiction and fantasy await your discovery. From dark future warfare to shapeshifting private eyes. From magic swords and perilous quests, to gritty superheroes and reality-bending assassins. Stories of heroism, jealousy, greed, and power all vie for your attention within this fantastic tome. 

The Shogunate fell a century ago. Of the 101 Samurai Orders that once enforced peace through the galaxy, only 47 Ronin clans remain. Kobal Dragonsbane now fights for justice and survival on an icy world invaded by a rival clan.

Those folk heroes of sword and soldiery, The Colors Three, continue their quest to heal a land broken by war. When they happen upon the remains of the last dragon, will it be a boon for the people of the valley or burn their village to the ground?

Leonidas Hawksblood is the most successful space pirate you've never heard of. And that's the way he and his crew like it. Then again, a fearsome reputation is quite useful, especially when you encounter a ship captain that refuses to play ball…

These stories and more comprise this collection of magic and machines, space opera and alien invasions, crime-noir and near-future dystopias. Some have been recognized by the international Writers of the Future Contest and others have appeared within the pages of Hugo-nominated Cirsova magazine.

Whatever your favorite flavor of alternate universe, it's here for the taking. All under the unblinking glare of the All-Seeing Eye.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 12
Fugitive Fiction
Draft2Digital, LLC

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