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My goal was clear—to achieve success in every aspect of my life. It seemed easy enough for a while…until I woke up with a stranger staring at me from my roommate’s bed.

Grey. The distraction I didn’t count on. The wrench that came crashing into my agenda. He’s one tall, lean, tattooed bad boy with the natural talent to annoy me. I was determined to ignore him, but there’s something about him that lures me in.

The more I fight it, the stronger it becomes—the need to be close to him.

But I’ve worked too hard to be where I am today, and I won’t let it all be ruined by a guy who is more trouble than not.

There’s just one problem. Grey has his dark eyes set on someone…

…and that someone is me.

May 15
Limitelss Publishing, LLC
Limitless Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

aftermovie.updates ,

Horrible ending

I enjoyed the concept of the book and I loved reading through it but then when it went towards the end. My brain got so jumbled. Like what kind of ending is of a girl walking to the dance floor with a guy?!!!

jericho's girl ,

Too much drama

I felt like smacking both Olivia and Grey upside the head! How many times do you need to get your heart ripped out of your chest before you wise up, Olivia??? Grey is bad news! How many times do you need to mess up before you wake up, Grey??? Olivia is too naive for you! How these two can make it through college without going going to jail,
crazy, or both is beyond me. Pick another book to read. One that won’t make you poke your own eyes out in frustration.

Russ0063 ,


So-so. Pretty much a waste of my time. Anemic ending.

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