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In the 13th century, Europe suffered through war, famine, and the evils of the pogrom–acts of hatred that massacred tens of thousands of Jews. In 1346, at the height of corruption, the Black Plague struck the Eurasian continent, wiping out half the world's population while spawning a new legend: The Grim Reaper. Now coming full circle, the Reaper returns in 2012… 666 years later.

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October 7
Variance Publishing
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Customer Reviews

Portly Bear ,


This book will take the reader on a deep, dark trip all the while plucking at your heartstrings like an old train riding hobo. It can be emotional and it will draw you in until the very end. I loved this book and have read it and re-read it several times. It is one of those books where you stumble upon a gem of information that you didn't pickup before on the previous read through. I sincerely hope that a sequel comes soon.

Boot dog ,

Great book

I could not put it down. The ending also was a very big surprise and can not wait for the second book to come out,

SolitaryAngel ,

Do NOT waste your time & $$!!

This book got 1 star only because I am unable to give it a zero or negative number.

I bought this book because I've read most of Steve Alten's other books & I generally enjoy his work. After reading the reviews, I thought this was going to be a great book. Was I ever wrong!

Now I'm convinced that the other reviewers must have read a completely different book because this was the most jumbled-up, muddled wreck of a book I've ever laid hands on. Apparently Mr. Alten is unable to write a cohesive story without the use of a plethora of exclamation marks! (see what I did there?)The dialogue was a joke, the characters were completely unbelievable(there were way too many and underdeveloped to the extent that I cared not a whit about any of them), and finally, the preaching was overboard.

If I wish to get lectured on the tenets of Kabbalah, I will go to a temple/synagogue or whatever; when I buy a novel I expect it to read/behave like one.

Utter hogwash.

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