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When Courage finds Hope…

The Panderbank River divides a world in two. On the north lies the vast expanse of the untamed and magical forests of Grimenna and to the south lies the kingdom of man, having once been driven across the river by the unforgiving wild. Paiva Ibbie lives in the northernmost village as a sheepherder’s daughter. Raised in the old ways of worshiping the great forest at her door, she is familiar with the dark creatures that stalk through the trees, but she never once thought she would become the target of an ancient and powerful evil. When a young Wilderman steps in to rescue her, events are set into motion that will change the balance of light and dark forever and their entwined fates may never untangle again.

It was in the great forest Grimenna that the first spirits were born, created from the beliefs of mankind and nourished by thoughts both good and evil. As time unfolded mankind began to shun these spirits, turn away from their guidance, and plunder the forest for thier own means without giving thanks.

It was then that the dark creatures rose from the earth, conjured from the depths of nightmares, and began to drive mankind out. 

But mankind found refuge across the great river and settled there; punishing those who were deemed wicked, unclean and criminal by banishing them across the great river that dived the two lands.


Everyone thought the great river would keep them safe.

Until Paiva Ibbie discovers that the waters can no longer keep the forest at bay and the shadows have come creeping to her home in both human and spirit form.

As these spirits wrestle for dominion over the hearts of man and the forest itself, Paiva realizes that there is only one true thing she possesses that can possibly ward them away... her own powerful belief in HOPE.

Will her hope be enough to place her trust in the mysterious outcast from the far side of the river? Will she find what truly separates 'outcast' from 'hero'; 'nightmare' from 'dream?'

Or will her hope turn out to be more dangerous then any outcast criminal, leading the wrong way in the dark of the forest where evil and good cannot be so easily separated -- just as the great river cannot so easily separate mankind from the forest.

Fiction & Literature
February 19
EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing
Hades Publications, Inc.

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