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“Honestly, none of this makes sense...”

When they come to, Haruhiro and the others find themselves in the darkness. None of them remember much more than their own names. The only one they can rely on is Merry, who, for some reason, hasn't lost her memories. Once they get out of the darkness, they find Alterna destroyed.

First and foremost, what they need is information. Narrowly escaping the town with their lives, they use the skills and abilities their bodies remember to race across the frontier of Grimgar. Then, they meet the forces of the Kingdom of Arabakia, set to take back Alterna?!

The tale of adventure born from the ashes enters its end game!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 4
J-Novel Club
J-Novel Club LLC

Customer Reviews

Nirvashtypeend ,


The made it back to alterna but something is different?!

+_tcd_+ ,


I’ve been a fan of the series since volume 4 came out and I got to say that it hadn’t changed much.
It’s the same old grimgar that I know and love as the same feeling for adventure and fantasy are mixed in with action.
However, since volume 14+ and 14++ the wait seamed way to long. So this volume seamed way to short for me since the wait had kept me on my toes and I couldn’t help but read this in less than a days time.
However, I was really happy to see some returning characters and I couldn’t help but wonder what had happened to Alice.
This was a fun read but I have to give it four stars since I was a bit disappointed with the character development as it felt like everyone just reset.
But I can’t help but feel happy about the reset as some of the characters have grown closer and I can’t help but cheer for my favorite character, shihoru. So I can’t wait for the next chapter and see what the inside gossip was between Shihoru and Merry.
Love this series and can’t wait for more of it!

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