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“Don’t scare me like that, Moguzo.”

“Sorry, sorry.”

Moguzo let out an embarrassed laugh and scratched the back of his head. Still, he sure is bleeding a lot, Haruhiro thought. With all that blood, it’s impossible to tell what kind of face he’s making. But, well, it looks like he’s fine somehow.

Haruhiro and his party reached the end of one major battle. However, with there being some comrades they couldn't save, they couldn't be entirely happy with how things were. Meanwhile, because they managed to accomplish more than anyone had expected, some members of the party receive offers from other teams wanting to poach them, too. As Haruhiro agonizes over what to do as a leader, he is forced to come to grips with what the party wants to do once again.

The story of adventure born from the ashes now enters a new stage!

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June 24
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Customer Reviews

Hugh Wheeler ,

Grimgar LN vol 4

I liked it a lot.

Midnighters ,

Worth money?

This really is some of the worst writing I’ve come across. Meandering dialogue that just seems to stretch for page length and a narrator who seems to constantly repeat himself or go from a confident leader to a wimp. This seriously is a huge let down.

Other novels I’ve read at least try to lay out a good story, instead this writer simply seems to take the videogames he plays and come up with fan fiction for characters who are silent. Even his character designs and descriptions feel like knockoffs of actual games and are completely unoriginal and uninspired. Everything the author does seems to just be for adding page length without actually covering much ground nor adding depth to the world or characters they introduce.

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