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Time of Planting
Vegetable Crops and Cold Resistance
Planting Seeds Depth
Why Are Rows Necessary?
Planting Methods
Planting Rate of Seeds
Thinning of Your Plants
Setting Plants by Hand And Machines
Watering Your Plants
Using Plant Protectors
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It does not matter whether you are an experienced gardener or are just a newbie, beginning to learn a brand-new field of growing your own fruit and vegetables – growing vegetables in your own garden, especially in the open depends on a number of factors.

This book is going to tell you all about how you can plant vegetable crops, in the open, and especially give you a number of tips about the other necessary factors which are going to help you get a plentiful harvest at the end of the growing season.

The time and the method of planting seeds and plants of a particular species, especially in the open, is going to determine – up to a certain extent – of the success or the failure of your particular crop. This is also going to rest on a number of factors, which may be influencing the rate of growth, and other factors which monitor your plant growth from germination to harvest.

Even with a good seed or a good plant, satisfactory and prolific crops are not going to be produced unless the planting is done at the right time and in a proper manner.

If we were living millenniums ago, we would go to our local priest, who incidentally happened to be a well experienced farmer himself, who would tell us about the best day, when we would be planting our crops. According to him, he looked at the stars and consulted them. He also called upon the good spirits, and the Gods, to aid in a bountiful harvest.

Naturally, we very well impressed would consider them really wise men, not knowing that they used the experiences of their own predecessors in order to transfer that knowledge to you, amidst lots of showmanship like calling up on the Gods and the spirits and talking to them!

Down the ages, we have learned – without the aid of priests – that attention must be given to the preparation of the soil for the seedbed, to the depth of the planting, to the rate of planting, and the amount of available space given to the plants in order to grow, and also to other factors such as thinning, de-weeding, and watering to ensure a satisfactory harvest of your plants.

Also, the climate is also going to have a great effect upon the final result. Millenniums ago, the priest just put his nose out of his window, looked at the snow falling, and then told you that the Gods had spoken, it was not time to plant any crop and he would give you the word.

And then he would wait till the coming of the spring, and then when the whole world decided to wake up, and the snow started melting, he would immediately get a message from his best friends, the good spirits and all the ancient all-powerful Gods, who demanded that the seeds be sown right then.

And so singing and dancing, at the coming of the spring, all of us from the village would, accompanied by the priest, go to our lands, start preparing the land, which we had dug up the previous autumn/winter, to get ready for the spring sowing.

So what the wise men of yore knew through experience was the time of planting, when the weather would be conducive enough to give one a good harvest, and receptive enough to welcome the planting of seedlings and the plants outside. So that is when we come to time of planting.

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