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<p>Guilty Desires is the first collection of short erotica stories from author Tena Seldan. This collection includes eleven tantalizing M/F stories and one steamy M/F/M story as well. Tena Seldan has included everything from action filled sexual escapades to cybersex in this collection. It draws at you as you turn each page, allowing you to turn your reality into a steamy, passionate fantasy. </p><p>&nbsp;This erotica short story collection contains explicit content and is suitable for readers 18 and over.</p><p>Passionate Advantages</p><p>Allie and Zak met in high school and became instant best friends. They had fallen in love but they kept it secret from everyone, even each other. The story that follows is captivating, passionate and incredibly sexy as Zak and Allie learn how to be more than just friends.</p><p>Second Chances</p><p>Aubrey was stuck in a dead end loveless marriage. Her husband Barry was a controlling narcissist who cheated and did not do anything to make her happy. Aubrey thought her life was over until the day that Tim walked into her life.</p><p>Riley&rsquo;s Secret</p><p>Riley was a tough FBI agent who was not scared of anything. One day she rushed into a bank that was being robbed and was kidnapped.&nbsp; Little did Riley know she would fall head over heels for her captor, Angelo Russo.</p><p>&nbsp;Guilty Fires of Passion</p><p>Frank was a man who had it all. He had a great body, a good job, and an exceptional creative side, but he was lonely. One day he sees a beautiful redheaded; a firecracker of a woman. From the moment Frank and Colette laid eyes on each other, it was passionate love at first sight.</p><p>&nbsp;Can I Dance for You?</p><p>Ever since Starr Light Ranes could remember, she loved turning herself on and the idea of having sex.But Starr was incredibly lonely. She meets a guy who watches her every move during her high paying act. Starr decides that she is going to find out exactly what is so different about him.</p><p>&nbsp;Faith Returns</p><p>Faith left Wyoming to pursue a career in fashion design in New York City. She has never regretted her decision to leave the ranch and stay in the city. One day, she gets a phone call to come to Wyoming immediately because her father is dying. Once there, Faith meets a man that could very easily change her destiny.</p><p>&nbsp;Clandestine Affair</p><p>After being stood up by her fianc&eacute;, Amber was devastated. She decided to take the tickets for their honeymoon and go to Las Vegas on her own. She meets Matias Romero the owner of the casino. There is an instant attraction between these two opposite people. Are they destined to be together?</p><p>&nbsp;Desire Within the Words</p><p>Carly and Devon meet online and immediately form a bond and attraction.They have a meeting of the minds as well as an undeniable amount of physical chemistry. They seem to have a bright future ahead of them when an illness in Carly&rsquo;s family threatens to change all of that.</p><p>&nbsp;Forbidden Connection 1-3
</p><p>Ethan seemed like a man who had it all, but inside he was actually very lonely and going through a bitter divorce. He had cheated on his soon to be ex-wife Gloria, but Ethan had stopped the affair right away. Things begin to change for Ethan when he hires a Jamaican housekeeper, Jadan.</p><p>Unexpected Captivation</p><p>Heather is a law school graduate just taking her first big job in a law firm. She gets the exciting chance to work alongside Brad. Not only is he a top partner, he is also gorgeous. As the days go by and Brad and Heather work late nights the passion between them ignites.</p>

Fiction & Literature
April 20

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