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From the drought-plagued plains of Mars, to a post-apocalyptic Canada, to the familiar American West and Mexico, to other dimensions and other worlds weird and wonderful, an international cast of bestselling, award-winning, established, and emerging authors brings you 25 strange western tales:

Robert Lee Beers: A hardboiled PI and his partner must find their way back to the present from 1906 San Francisco before the Big One hits, dodging gunslingers and the risk of changing history, with only a drunken misanthropic wizard to help them.

James Blakey: A sheriff must question a colourful cast of characters to discover who has stolen a unicorn rancher's herd.

Zach Chapman: A card-cheating Spellslinger must duel a mysterious Green Gunslinger to his damnation or salvation.

Sara Codair: Two Martian sheriffs must stop a gang of outlaws from stealing a settlement's precious water, if they can keep their marriage together long enough to do it.

Eric S. Fomley: A marshal comes to town seeking an outlaw, but neitherare the ordinary kind...

Milo James Fowler: Heroic Coyote Cal, the witch Donna Jamieson, and faithful sidekick Big Yap must stop a monster from ravaging the livestock and people of a town in the western desert.

Ron S. Friedman: A WWI pilot shot down over the Amazon must survive Germans, crazy scientists, the jungle and dinosaurs.

Carrie Gessner: An elven veteran is called back to face her demons when a little girl is snatched to serve the army that destroyed her.

Paul Alex Gray: The heir to the Bourbon Throne must earn coin in America to overthrow the French Republic and reclaim his birthright, so he builds a fantastic contraption to aid him.

Jude-Marie Green: Sorceress Jane Smith knows her partner Donna Quick is quite mad, but she follows her anyway.

Brent A. Harris: Marshal Bass Reeves has been asked for help by a desperate frontier settlement beleaguered by a dragon.

Ethan Hedman: A wandering gunfighter inherits an enchanted weapon, but it's broken.

Joachim Heijndermans - Two outlaws hole up in a quiet town full of terrified townsfolk, but all is not as it seems.

Russell Hemmell: Two investigators must discover why an entire colony in the Kuiper Belt has disappeared, leaving an anachronistic western ghost town in its place.

Liam Hogan: A young outlaw is hunted by an implacable mechanical foe.

G. Scott Huggins: A blacksmith with ghostly allies receives an unusual and dangerous client.

Sean Jones: The last Norse descendant in North America, who swears vengeance on the Comanche for killing his wife and village, is given supernatural aid by the Navajo.

Mackenzie Kincaid: Junior died helping Pa maintain the fence against the Somethings, so now 12-year-old Jane must take his place.

R. Daniel Lester: An old tap-dancing celebrity defaults on payments for his magical shoes, and a repo agent has come to collect.

Diane Morrison: Two young elven Gunslingers must stop a cannibal spirit before it, or the blizzard it brings, kills everyone they know.

Diana L. Paxson: A painter journeys to the Rockies to paint landscapes and stumbles upon an ancient mystery.

Claire Ryan - Rollo is going to get her giant slug herd in to market, come hell or high water, monster or no monster.

Ricardo Victoria: An ex-spellslinger has taken up a career as a travelling salesbeing of a newfangled weapon called a "rifle."

Stanley B. Webb: A US Marshal must stop a notorious outlaw who may or may not be a dragon.

We invite you to explore these stories in the grand pulp fiction tradition!

Featuring a classic Solomon Kane story by Robert E. Howard.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 31
Diane Morrison
Ingram DV LLC

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