Habit Hacking: Breaking, Building, and Transforming Your Habits

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It comes as no surprise that this is the ultimate truth for anyone who has ever achieved excellence in life. It’s not about talent or luck; rather, it’s repeated action with consistency that counts. And that’s the power of habit.

On average, the human brain makes up just 4 percent of the mass of the whole body, but it consumes 20 percent of our total energy to function optimally. That’s how much our brain is working to allow us to live a normal life. But for it to work efficiently, our brain actually ignores almost 80 percent of the information it collects by putting it into autopilot, due to our limited energy and limited ability to make decisions consistently.

Without the mechanism for forming habits, we would probably not even exist. We’d never be able to remember a thing, never be able to learn a thing, and never be able to even think.

Having thought of this, I’d estimate 90 percent of our daily activities are our habits. I believe this applies to you too. With that said, any result you obtained today, whether it’s good or bad, is the collective product of your habits in the past. Likewise, every result you desire for the future depends on the habits you have and cultivate at this moment. Turning this around, your current bad habits will eventually destroy you in the future.

It’s clear that mastering our habits will do way more good to us as creatives and entrepreneurs. To be a better version of ourselves, it’s crucial to break and reduce destructive habits and cultivate good, lasting habits. In this article, you will learn the scientific formula behind habit formation, how to break a bad habit and replace it with a good one, and finally, how to make good habits stick.

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December 1
Dean Yeong
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

SinnWinz ,

Worth the read!

This was a very informative book that made me make changes to my life instantly. I knew a lot of the material but I also learned so much more. I am definitely forming better habits and I encourage any and everyone that needs that push to give it a try !

01010010 01010011 ,

Succinct and Informative

Without all the trappings of the generalist 'my experience of triumph' books, this work identifies the mechanical roots of habit formation. With these roots, it arms the reader with basis strategies for modification on the two sides of the equation; forming and breaking. Succinctly written, intelligently organized and communicative to a broad audience. Well done!!

spirited 1 ,

Worth the read

This book is a short and sweet look into habits. It is a great read! The book helped me start to put my habits in perspective.

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