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Play. By Chords. By Ear. By Heart. 

Hack the Piano is the unconventional shortcut-guide to truly understanding the construction of music to play anything you want. It’s a complete course to learn the actual way professional musicians approach the piano and understand how music works; enabling you to play literally any song, by ear and by heart. 

A comprehensive, non-traditional break-down of music, harmonies, chords and rhythms to make even the biggest musical dummy understand and execute, while at the same time opening the eyes and improving the musical skills of even the most advanced traditionally trained, freeing them from their previous musical barriers. 

Filled with clear images and over 95 HD example videos to clarify exercises and what is being told, this no-traditional-sheet-music-, contemporary approach to playing music will teach you not only how to play the keys in any style without ever needing any sheets, but even speak the language of music well enough to understand how it’s played on any other instrument too.

Making his students actually understand what’s going on behind the cloud of sound that is music, by breaking it down into comprehensive bite-sized particles with his totally unique, revolutionary approach based on the pillars of chords (harmonies) and patterns (rhythms/technique), has made Coen one of the most renown online instructors of today, who has helped over ninety-thousand (90,000) people worldwide how to play piano.

Hack the Piano is the very core of his method. 

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Customer Reviews

Pnutzs ,


I was one of the first customers of this program when it came out and i can't say enough about how easy to understand, and how well put together this program is. I started letting my kids, ages 9& 11, work on this program and ended up having to buy two more keyboards as i couldn't get on to practice because they were always there playing and learning new songs lol. With the improvements and this added ibook edition the possibilities are endless, try it, buy it, live it love it and you will truly see why people say it is music to my ears😀

zzz321 ,


Coen's approach to teaching piano makes you think about music in a completely way. Instead of relying on sheet music, Coen teaches chords, patterns, rhythms, & licks.

Harsant Tantsi ,

This is not work, this is fun

I’ve found Hack the Piano to be a breath of fresh air.
Coen offers thorough piano theory along with chord knowledge backed up with superb videos providing visual demonstrations of the subject of the lesson.
He also provides wonderful tips for effective practice.
This is not work, this is fun.