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A whodunnit in the classic style, a British ex-cop solving a double murder in the English countryside.

Nathan Hawk is a witty and volcanic English ex-copper with a sharp wit and an even sharper temper. Some say a dangerous one. It's certainly the reason he was sacked from the police force. He picked a fight with a fellow officer - and won.

And just as he’s about to go mad with boredom in his enforced retirement one of his neighbours does him the courtesy of being murdered. The local police warn him against interfering in their inquiry, but he can’t help himself and pretty soon he’s back where he belongs – catching a killer.

As he goes to work he's being watched, not just by the police or the man he's hunting, but by someone who'd like to hire his services. He's a barrister whose daughter has been missing for a while. Is she dead or alive? The story of what's happened to her is told in the next book in the series - Easy Prey. It isn't long before others come to him with their problems...

Just a few things more. Hawk's wife died a few years ago and, in his slightly old-fashioned way, he's reluctant to consider a new romance. Until he meets the elegant, sophisticated Doctor Laura Peterson. Will his grown up children approve of her? They're scattered all over the world, of course, but sometimes it feels as if they're just in the next room. Occasionally he wishes they were - most times he's glad they aren't.

Haggard Hawk is written by Douglas Watkinson, one of original writers of Midsomer Murders, a television series which has been seen worldwide by one billion people.

Mysteries & Thrillers
August 10
Douglas Watkinson
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