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A cat, a crook, and a confused neighbor cause mirth in this killer cozy mystery short story.

Savvy hairstylist and super sleuth Marla Vail visits her friend Tally who just got out of the hospital after a serious car accident. Marla has been caring for Tally’s baby and is sad but grateful to return him to his mother. She and Tally reconcile their friendship that had become estranged before the crash.

Happy to have her friend back, Marla is about to leave when a knock summons her to the door. It’s a distraught elderly neighbor who claims her cat is missing. Marla, unable to turn down a person in need, accompanies the lady home. But when Marla enters the house, she realizes much more is missing than a lost feline. The place has been ransacked, and when she calls the police, they inform her the neighborhood has been beset by a series of thefts. Can she find the crooks before they cause another cat’astrophe?

“It’s a fast-paced read with charming characters. It left me we a “feel good” type of feeling. It even includes a nice interview with Marla. I loved this book. It has an adorable cat in it, what could be better?” 5 stars! Socrates Book Reviews

“Marla Vail's friend Tally awakened from her coma, zoomed through physical therapy, and now it's time for Marla to return Luke, Tally's son she's been caring for, a bittersweet occasion. However, a missing cat leads Marla on a caper to find a neighborhood theft ring. A fast-paced, albeit brief, visit with dear friends from the Bad Hair Day Series.” Muddy Rose Reviews

Mysteries & Thrillers
July 19
Orange Grove Press
Orange Grove Press

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