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This work is a photo collection from “BHC International ‘Hair’ Photography Competition 2016”. The competition is an event especially organized with the purpose of encouraging artists from all over the country to step out from the shadows and  present to the world all of the masterpieces that they have to offer. 

Beauty Hero Club would like to express our deepest gratitude for everyone who cheered, supported and participated in the “BHC International #hairtitude Photography Competition ’16”. Thank you for the 46 contestants, who did their absolute best in the competition, as well as to the 11 international judges for their generous contribution throughout the competition. We would also like to thank everyone who sent their entries for the competition. There were a total of 70 international entries. Certainly, your entries have captured the attention of the judges and the audience in one way or another. 

It was a great privilege for me to organize this competition. I had the chance to interview some of the participating artists and Judges, and I could feel the burning passion of each and everyone in the competition. Their stories are an inspiration. Their genuine love and passion for creativity inspires everyone to further move forward into the light of success.

As a supporting online media representative from Singapore, I had also the opportunity to have access to some of the international hair shows backstage. Indeed, makeup and hairstyling is not easy. I have seen how the artists have strived hard to make the models look good with inspirational makeup and hairstyles. It was a challenging task, but they manage to overcome them with love and passion. There’s one very important thing that I’ve learned from this valuable journey. Beauty and hair artists deserve great respect like all professionals.

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June 21
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