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Since 2000, a new generation of Haitians has emerged and come into their own, fully aware of how the world works and committed to the proposition that Haiti can engage the world as a strong and self-sufficient people able to determine their own future.
Expressing a commitment to move Haiti “from Aid to Trade” by being “Committed, Competitive, and Close”, Haiti's Government has initiated what may be the first effort ever in Haiti’s long and storied history to reach out and commercially integrate with the rest of the world, by communicating to the world that “Haiti is Open For Business”. To the surprise of some, the world business community has responded very positively, having moved past ancient concerns about the implications of a black former slave colony nation in North America, and now recognizing that a strong and self-sufficient Haiti is not only right and just, but also good business.
This book proceeds from these developments, recognizing that many business opportunities have emerged in Haiti, and that a “tipping point” in Haiti’s economic history seems to have occurred.
The book's full title is "HAITI BUSINESS LAW & FINANCE: A Guide For Non-Haitian Lawyers & NGOs". It, and periodic updates, are intended to meet critical information needs of non-Haitian lawyers and executive decision-makers for corporations, universities, NGOs and non-profits around the world. It is aimed at providing them with enough understanding of Haiti's legal, business and financial systems to be informed consumers of legal advice in Haiti, and better decision-makers about doing business in Haiti.
There is no other current, comprehensive, source of information about the legal, business and finance aspects of doing business in Haiti: the next most current source is an out-of-print book written in 1974, which is hopelessly out of date, not readily available to the business reader.
The author wrote this book in order to better prepare himself to be Chief Strategy and Legal Officer for a startup next generation information service provider now formed and operating in Haiti. The book is a valuable reference tool in his own organization's efforts to start and manage an operating business in Haiti.
This book provides ready access to current information on the broad range of legal, business and finance issues facing executive decision-makers of any corporation, university, NGO or non-profit doing business in Haiti, or considering it.
This treatise is not intended to be a substitute for seeking the advice of qualified Haitian counsel. Recognizing the extreme paucity of authoritative insight into Haitian law, business and finance, it is aimed at:
•Removing some of the “mystery” felt by non-Haitian lawyers and executives about Haitian law, business and finance, and about investing in Haiti; and
•Enabling non-Haitian lawyers and executives to speak with confidence about doing business in Haiti.
The author is a US lawyer with deep experience in international business and finance in the US, Haiti and other countries. He brings to the book
•his educational background (Harvard MBA, University of Virginia JD, and Certificate in International Finance from Eximbank);
•a deep experience over many years in international, corporate, and business law and finance, including experience as an international finance professional at Eximbank and OPIC;
•his experience in business law and finance in Haiti since 1994;
•his experience in working with a broad variety of U.S universities, non-profits and businesses with Haitian operations as Secretary of the Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task Force;
•his recent experience as Adviser on Foreign Direct Investment to Haiti's Presidential Advisory Council on Economic Growth & Investment, serving the previous Prime Minister of Haiti and the Clinton Foundation; and
•his most recent experience as a Founder and executive of a next generation technology company currently operating in Haiti.

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