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Why has Haiti been plagued by so many woes? Why have multiple U.S. efforts to create a stable democracy in Haiti failed so spectacularly? Philippe Girard answers these and other questions, examining how colonialism and slavery have left a legacy of racial tension, both within Haiti and internationally; Haitians remain deeply suspicious of white foriegners' motives, many of whom doubt Hatians' ability to govern themselves. He also examines how Haiti's current political instability is merely a continuation of political strife that began during the War of Independence (1791-1804). Finally, Haiti: The Tumultuous History, Girard explores poverty's devastating impact on contemporary Haiti and argues that Haitians--particularly home-grown dictators--bear a big share of the responsibility for their nation's troubles.

Politics & Current Events
September 14
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Customer Reviews

FGdriver85 ,

Papal conspiracy Blackist history razed.

Haiti is like a pin hindering the most comfortable bedding.
Political correctness and modern historic shame.
I don’t understand why this author decided to blame race. There is a strong probability that this author was reared in Haiti nevertheless lived in Haiti.
Many families were targeted by a paranoid black ruling government.
Many of such black ruling government officials of the passed have gone on record asking for their Blackist ideologies were not spread under Ayiti [Haïti] name and banner.
Such ideologies freed nations in less that 8 years, these Ideologies written by educated and well rounded black men and women. The Haitian women earned their right of man alongside the Haitian man.
Bertier happened in 1798 review biblical Daniel.
Along side a passionate group of Affranchi [free born mulattos or/and emancipated slaves] term lost with the silent History of the first black free island of Hispaniola (an Indian word for mountainous land).

Beware if you read this book read with an open mind. Yet if you look deep enough you will read of a forgotten people.
Haiti today is the result of a history-less Peoples.
Just as SISI razed ancient engineering. So has sinister plans stolen the future of Black Pride.

Don't Read Revisionist History ,

Violent US Occupation "benevolent imperialism"?

I didn't purchase this book because I was reading the introduction as a preview and the author made a brief reference to the US occupation and characterized it as something positive. I did a double take, saw the chapter title "Benevolent Imperialism", and immediately deleted the preview. Having just read a different book on the history of Haiti (Aftershocks of History) which explains how the US occupation was not only extremely violent when it was going on, but also wrecked the economy and set the country up for the dictatorship of Doc Duvalier, I couldn't bear to read something that would characterize it as an aid to the country. Characterizing the US's imperialism as anything but violent, destructive, and self-serving is revisionist history, in my opinion. So that's why I'm writing this review (and I recommend you read Aftershocks of History instead, it was really good).

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