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The second edition of this world-famous method by Will Schmid and Greg Koch is preferred by teachers because it makes them more effective while making their job easier. Students enjoy its easy-to-follow format that gives them a solid music education while letting them play songs right away. Book 1 provides beginning instruction including tuning, 1st position melody playing, C, G, G7, D7, and Em chords, rhythms through eighth notes, solos and ensembles and strumming. The audio offers demos to assist in learning. Features a chord chart, and traditional songs like: Amazing Grace * Greensleeves * and When the Saints Go Marching In.

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elchino 10 ,

guitar method book 1 second esdition

The book is good but if you are trying to learn chords position, you won't see them much. This book is good if you want to learn how to read music. I don't think it is for beginners like me :(. Very hard to read music.

flatfives ,

One of the best

I play and teach guitar professionally and have used this book for private lessons and classroom extensively—probably well over 100 students of mine have started in this book. It transitions very gradually from topic to topic, and illustrates things very clearly. The song selection is good and the iBook audio feature allows for super easy listening and playing along. I avoid the children’s methods somewhere around 8 years old and go straight to this. Adults will probably be more famililar with the tunes, but kids seem to like them, too. I also have enjoyed the Belwin for older students, but use this more than any other. I use it primarily as a text for music reading and basic single note picking, but it can be OK as an introduction to basic chording/strumming and other basics. I love the easy pop melodies supplements to this, too, so that the student has more of choices with repertoire.

Manuel Bravo ,


The book is good but it has a big mistake in the beginning when they show you the first 3 notes in the first string. they show you E low which is the string number 6 instead. Wonder the rest of the book. Can you fix it??

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