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In this powerful, unforgettable memoir, acclaimed novelist Darin Strauss examines the far-reaching consequences of the tragic moment that has shadowed his whole life. In his last month of high school, he was behind the wheel of his dad's Oldsmobile, driving with friends, heading off to play mini-golf. Then: a classmate swerved in front of his car. The collision resulted in her death. With piercing insight and stark prose, Darin Strauss leads us on a deeply personal, immediate, and emotional journey—graduating high school, going away to college, starting his writing career, falling in love with his future wife, becoming a father. Along the way, he takes a hard look at loss and guilt, maturity and accountability, hope and, at last, acceptance. The result is a staggering, uplifting tour de force.

Look for special features inside, including an interview with Colum McCann.

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May 31
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Customer Reviews

Oneart ,

Incredible Read!

I heard Darin interviewed on NPR and was immediately intrigued about his story. How does one go on having accidentally taken another's life? I wasn't disappointed -- this book was honest and while every once in a while I felt as if something wasn't being said, I felt the author told his story to the best of his understanding of what happened and how he moved on from it.

As someone who is intrigued by memoirs where people deal with traumatic events (The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion was another favorite) - this book was not depressing, but life-affirming in reminding us how bad things can happen and we can survive and eventually move on to better things.

I read it in 2 sittings-- I couldn't put it down and didn't want to.

Ericm0808 ,

Such a Boring Book!

I thought the whole general story was absolutely genius and I do appreciate him talking about his feelings but I didn't want to read 144 pages of his deep pain. I really wanted to know about what was happening at school and more. The ending,though, is by far the best ending to any book I've ever read.

The kings kid ,


If your in the mood for a sad sorry that doesn't seem to have any happiness throughout the entire book this is the one for you.

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